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Water Intake Rinse Pump
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TMC-36502,Water Intake Rinse Pump


Water Intake Rinse Pump

  • 4-chamber diaphragm design
  • Intake raw sea, river or lake water for flushing
  • Built-in check valve to prevent backflow
  • Snap-in port fittings 3/4” (19mm) included
  • Built-in thermal overload protection
  • Self-priming & can be run dry
MOTOR : 12V / 24V
CAPACITY : 16.3 LPM (4.3 GPM)
AMP DRAW : 6A(12V) / 3A(24V)
FUSE : 10A(12V) / 5A(24V)
PACKING : 6pcs/ctn/1.33cuft
WEIGHT : 17.8kgs/ctn
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503-650201100 12V
503-650201200 24V
1/2” Hose barb straight
Order No.
1/2” Hose barb 90° elbow
Order No.
1/2” Threaded straight
Order No.
1/2” Threaded 90° elbow
Order No.
3/4” Hose barb straight
Order No.
3/4” Hose barb 90° elbow
Order No.
3/4” Threaded straight
Order No.
3/4” Threaded 90° elbow
Order No.
Strainer only without port fittings.
Order No.

Order No.

Strainer w/ 1/2” port fittings (barb+threaded, straight+elbow) 1pc each; Including TMC-436501+ 436505+ 436506+ 436507+ 436508

Order No.

Strainer w/ 3/4” port fittings (barb+threaded, straight+elbow) 1pc each; Including TMC-436501+ 436509+ 436510+ 436511+ 436512

Order No.

Strainer w/ all port fittings (1/2”+3/4”, barb+threaded, straight+elbow ) 1pc each; Including TMC-436501+ 436505+ 436506+436507+ 436508+ 436509+ 436510+ 436511+ 436512
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TMC LIMITED WARRANTY (for Marine Equipment)
Please see the TMC’s limited warranty for marine equipment below. Contact us for more information.

TMC Technology Corp., herein referred to as “TMC”, warrants that its marine equipment (the “Product”) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date TMC ships out the Product to original purchaser (who buys directly from TMC). This limited warranty is not transferable, and only applies to the original purchaser (the “Direct Purchaser”).

Should a defect in workmanship or materials in Products or Parts arise during the one year warranty, TMC will, at its opinion, repair such Products or Parts, or replace them with identical or similar parts. Any replacement product shall be warranted only for the remainder of the original product warranty, and shall not extend the original warranty period.

However, TMC is not responsible for (under this warranty) costs of shipping or transportation of the Products or Parts thereof to or from its facility, as well as costs of labor, dismantling or reinstalling of the Products or Parts. TMC’s liability shall not exceed the purchase price of the Product.


  1. This warranty does not apply if the Product or Parts has been repaired, altered, misused, modified, mistreated, water-damaged, or if the serial number has been removed, defaced, or changed.
  2. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of seals and/or stators, or results of dry-running or if damage occurs due to improper maintenance.
  3. This warranty does not cover damage is caused by misuse, abuse, accident; failure to operate or install Products as specified in owner’s manual; or failure to use the Products accordance with the water conditions specified in the owner’s manual.
  4. This warranty does not cover damage caused by water freezing inside Product.

The foregoing Warranty is exclusive of and in lieu of all other warranties whether expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness except those implied by law, and then only for the minimum duration thereof.

The furnishing of a repair or replacement part shall constitute the sole remedy of the purchaser and the sole liability of TMC, whether on warranty, contract, or negligence, and in no event will TMC be liable for damages; direct or consequential.

TMC further disclaims any liability for economic loss arising from claims of product failure, negligence, defective design, manufacturing defect, failure to warn and/or instruct, lack of seaworthiness, and any other theory of liability not expressly covered under the terms of this limited warranty.
Frequently Asked Questions
Pump will not run or pump stops in a sudden
  • Without power
  • Voltage is too low
  • Abnormal wire connection
  • Abnormal switch connection
  • Blown fuse
Motor runs normally but there’s none or decreased water output
  • Voltage is too low
  • Discharge hose is kinked/blocked/air-locked or split/disconnected
  • Discharge route is too high
  • Discharge hose is too long
  • Air remains in the discharge route
  1. Please contact original seller or TMC manufacture for further assistance if above chart will not answer your questions.
  2. For safety purpose, please disconnect power to the pump before servicing the product.
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